Everyone should have their own website. Why should I be any different? So, here we go.

I’m one of three co-hosts on this radio show -> FOD. Follow the link to get all the info and archived videos there.

And because I fired Twitter and Facebook, and have tried all the alternative social media platforms to less than desired results, I put out a short podcast from time to time with my friend Kevin Rice, appropriately called “Berton & Rice”. Follow the link to learn more about that. It’s on a couple of alternative video platform sites. And I recently signed onto Gettr under @CVBerton.

Both FOD and Berton & Rice are discussed on the Shows page of this website, along with the most recent archived video of each show embedded therein.

I’ve also written two novels. The latest one is called Alpha Eye”. And no, it does not have anything to do with the Illuminati. They do not own the image of the human eye as their own personal trademark or logo. Jesus said the eye is the lamp of the body, and Shakespeare called it the window of the soul. So, please do not be put off by the cover. More about that book on the Books link.

I put out an earlier book, too, called Dream Walker; soon to be revised and renamed: Outerscope. But the earlier version is linked up on the Books page as well.

There is a nonfiction book coming out soon where I had ghost written the biography of the great Bob Grant, the legend and king of talk radio in the Tri-State area. See the link to his Wikipedia page. But he passed away before the book was published. So, I waited a number of years before releasing it, out of respect for him.

There is another non-fiction book I am working on, but I will not divulge the topic at this time. So, please look out for that one in 2022 (God willing). And I look forward to writing another novel because I enjoy the process so much.

I'd like to add a plug here for my friends over at Steve Bannon’s War Room, it's an outlet for my social media rants, but I go there to learn as much as to rant. Just go to Real America’s Voice (follow link) to listen and watch Steve Bannon’s War Room where they have a chat board (which only seems to work on Microsoft’s Edge browser). The stream is steadier on Roku where you can watch it on TV, but then I use my laptop to comment. And they have a chatboard on Rumble too. Anyway, from Monday to Saturday, War Room is on from 10am to 12 noon E.T. And from Monday to Friday, there is also one hour of War Room at 5pm E.T. Watch, learn, and chat with patriots in real time.

Please visit here from time to time to see new Berton & Rice episodes, and to check on any new book releases. Also, I will write Articles fairly often (God willing). So please check on that link as well.

Let’s stay in touch, shall we?

Thank you! : )