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FOD's March 19th show:

“Xi-Klaus Manipulation” - The CCP is for Russia. The party of Davos is for Ukraine. But Xi and Klaus Schwab are best friends. Feel manipulated? You are. Freedom on Deck and our guests Reggie LittleJohn, Mike Kucharski and Frank Dallas will put it all into perspective.


The Berton & Rice podcast is a new endeavor.

Features myself, of course, and my good friend Kevin Rice, the Professor. He’s only one thesis away from a masters in philosophy. He and I get into many deep conversations.

Berton & Rice's three most recent shows:


"CCP has Australia by the Balls"
Just a short clip to make a quick point and test the new technology I’m using.


Episode 9 — “Self-Actualization” discusses how building blocks of life’s necessities must be in proper order from the foundation to the top of the pyramid of a purposefully fulfilled life. Our creator wants us to be complete and actualized.  


Episode 8 – “Technomancers’ War - Part 3” – The last of the trilogy wherein Kevin shares NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that help control our thoughts, emotions and pain, and how they were adopted by the vast and encroaching technocrats’ propaganda machine.


Episode 7 – “Technomancers’ War - Part 2” – We track the origins of hypnosis before it was turned against the masses, and along the way discover interesting theories of consciousness and the mind. Join Kevin Rice, the Professor, and the Fearless CV Berton.


Episode 6 – “Technomancers’ War” - The occult and the intelligence roots of the social media revolution. New applications of old models of surveillance and psychological control of the masses. Join Kevin Rice, the Professor, and the Fearless CV Berton.


Episode 5 – “Trafficked into Satanism” connects the enormous human trafficking problem to endemic Satanism, and posits that it’s the reason why the leftist fear Donald Trump so much and will do anything to stop him. Join Kevin Rice, the Professor, and the Fearless CV Berton.

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