Alpha Eye

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One blustery March finds Dr. Jennifer Larson's hypnotherapy practice entangled between spiritualism and a psychopath.

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***** [five stars]

Don't Miss This One !!
By Elizabeth LaFemina on May 31, 2014

I loved this book and could not put it down. It grabs you the moment you start reading. As with Dream Walker; the authors previous book, this story flows effortlessly. As the reader I could easily relate to the setting taking place on Long Island, NY. Lots of suspense, with great characters and that "Oh My Gosh" moment. Don't miss this one!

The Kevin Alan Show Interviews Author and Freedom on Deck Co-host CV Berton

Alpha Eye - My New Novel

by CV Berton - Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Alpha Eyeis a psychological/supernatural thriller. That’s the best way I can describe the genre. And while it does the job to entertain, it’s much more than that for those who ask the big questions of life’s meaning, and the essence of life and consciousness. For those who don’t ask those questions, there is still plenty of drama, intrigue and nail-biting suspense to keep the pages turning. And while its purpose is not to decisively answer those big questions once and for all, it does air both sides of the debate. So, whether you believe we have a soul and mind which may or may not go on after death, there are sets of characters in the story which argue for and against both sides of the debate between spiritualism and materialism, a battle which has raged for centuries; as it says on the cover:

“The most crucial battles are often fought in the shadows.”

To get more specific about the story, the blurb on the back cover says enough to whet one’s appetite without giving away too much of the story:

“One blustery March finds Dr. Jennifer Larson’s hypnotherapy practice entangled between spiritualism and a psychopath.”

Other issues addressed in more subtle ways are the similarities and differences between healthy narcissism (taking pride in one’s work), malignant narcissism (exploiting other people’s good work), sociopaths (underhanded and lacking empathy), and psychopaths (capable of murder).

Key words I chose for search engines include:

    Psychological Horror

Many years of hard work were put into this novel. It was a world in which I emersed myself while it took on a life of its own. It even surprised me as if I were experiencing the story rather than just being its writer. I trust you will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you!

Dream Walker

Carl Annand tries to help a friend, but in the process, inadvertently disturbs an entire crime family...and it all started with an out of body experience.

This is a dramedy (drama-comedy mix) with a paranormal twist, all while tackling the big questions of life and death. You are invited as spectators of this incredible tale that pushes love and loyalty to their breaking points!